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Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Daniel Smith
Dubbing Mixer
2016, Drifters Series 1/2/3/4, Sound Editor
Barni Sparkes
Sound Designer
2016, Drifters S3/S4, Sound Editor
Tom Pepper
2016, Drifters 4, Children's TV Presenter
Sam Jackson
2016, Drifters, James
2016, Drifters, Richard
Katherine Price
Costume Supervisor
2016, Drifters, Costume Daily
Peter Ryder
2015, Siblings Series 2, Wedding Guest
Zoe McLachlan
Production Co-ordinator
2015, Siblings Series 2, Production Secretary
Simon Walton
2015, Siblings, Waiter
2015, Siblings, Donna
2015, Phonies, Homeless man
Ben Lydon
2015, Drifters, Henry
Lydia Bailey
Wig Dresser
2015, Drifters, Work Experience
2015, Drifters, Assistant
Usman Akram
2015, Drifters, Chatting Up Bloke
2015, Drifters, Night Clubber
Yasmin Ryan
2015, Drifters, Rachael recrutee
2015, Drifters, Whistling Lad
Mark Davison
2015, Drifters, Sir Percy MacDonald
Donna-Marie Field
Make-up Artist
2015, Channel 4 'Drifters', Make-up Artist in Crowd Room

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Alternative Company Names

Bwark, Bwark / Channel 5, Bwark Film and Television, Bwark productions - Channel 5, Bwark Productions for Channel 5, Bwark Productions Ltd, Bwark Productions, Film 4, Bwark Productions/E4, Bwark/Channel 4, Young Bwark, Young Bwark Film, Young Bwark films, Young Bwark Ltd, Young Bwark Production, Young Bwark Productions