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Cbeebies is the programming arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) & is aimed specifically at preschool children. Its TV output launched in 2002, with radio commencing in 2007 & a weekly magazine starting print in 2006. The Cbeebies website launched with the TV content in 2002 and offers child-friendly output, as well as a child centric version of the BBC iPlayer.

The channel has experienced success abroad in the form of subscription services, showing in the likes of:

  • Thailand

  • Poland

  • Australia

  • Turkey

  • USA

The show the channel first aired with was Teletubbies. This was a big hit for channel another modern classics include the likes of:

  • Hey Duggee

  • The Octonauts

  • Tweenies

  • Bob The Builder

  • Balamory

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Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Zachary Cohen
Child Actor
2021, Untitled series, Jayden V.O
Manchester Farm Studios
Alex Phelps
2021, Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio
Ross Jess
2021, Molly And Mack, Runner
2020, Yolanda's Band Jam, Guest
Alison Garner
Voice Over: English
2020, Teddles, Nanny Clock & Other Characters
Penny Grimley
Make-up Artist
2020, Maddie's Do You Know, Hair and make-up artist
Ola Forman
Voice Over: English
2020, Jojo & Grangran, Marta the Strawberry Farmer
2020, JoJo & Gran Gran, Online Editor
Kim Scopes
2020, GiggleQuiz 2, Skin Artist
Tommy-lee Whaley
Child Actor
2020, Cbeebies magazine, Modeling
Luca Sin
Child Actor
2020, cbeebies, Model
Kim Scopes
2019, Swashbuckle!, Skin Artist
Julia Frost
2019, Swashbuckle, Dobin
Melanie Dagg
2019, Something Special - We're all Friends, Series 12 episode 16 - A Magical Castle, Wendy Whizzwiggle
2019, Mr Tumble - Something Special, The Facepainter
Gullivers World
Charlotte Reynard
Voice Over: English
2019, Magic Hands Promo, Voice Over
2019, Magic Hands Promo, Voice Over
Julia Frost
Voice Over: English
2019, Go explire app, Narrator
Kim Scopes
2019, GiggleQuiz, Skin Artist
Julia Frost
2019, Gigglequiz, Dobin

Cbeebies Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

cbb's, cbb's, cbbies, cbbies, Ceebeebies, Ceebeebies