Compass Theatre Company (Theatre)

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Compass is artistically led and is fiercely committed to the tenets expressed in its Credo and Artistic Policy. The programme of work, the principles of the ensemble and the management of the company all arise from these two statements.


Theatre is at the heart of a vibrant society. People are interdependent and have a common responsibility. Theatre expresses our commonality and resists the notion that we are separate and alone. It has faith in human beings. It acknowledges our weaknesses and failings but believes in our possibilities. It offers the possibility of redemption and satisfies the overwhelming human urge for renewal. It addresses the question of how we should live. It connects the everyday with the eternal.

Artistic Policy

• To operate as a national touring theatre company

• To offer our work to a wide range of venues throughout the United Kingdom and beyond

• To present classic texts, modern texts of classic status, classical children’s material and to develop new work in the context of our classical repertoire

• To operate with integrity from the heart of the texts we work with and to present our work with lucidity, emotional impact and truthfulness, passion, intelligence and faith

• To thrill, entertain and connect with each other and our audience

• For the acting company to operate as an ensemble and to develop our understanding of ensemble playing

• To pursue and strengthen the artistic dialogue within the company

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    Alternative Company Names

    • compass theatre co.
    • compass theatre co
    • Compass Theatre
    • compass tc