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Creative Media Skills run Masterclasses with Industry Professionals who impart with their knowledge and share their expertise with the next generation of individuals breaking into the industry.

Connected mandy members:

Georgia Katsarou
Makeup Artist (SFX)
2021, Sunrise in Berlin, Special Effects Makeup Artist
Alan Bland
2020, Creative Media Skills "Hair Model", Hair Model for "Madlen Mierzwiak" in Pinewood Studios, Slough. UK
Merel Laan
2019, Victorian Hair styling, Hair Model
Pinewood studios
2019, Prosthetics Short Course at Pinewood Studios, Model for Prosthetics
Noaman Saeed
2019, Models at Creative Media skills, Model
Hilary Whelan
2019, 1940s Hair Styling (20th Century Hair - 31 July 2019), Model
Holly Pedley
Wardrobe Assistant
2018, Unicorn, Costume Supervisor
David Brown
Makeup Designer
2018, Scuplting Course, Teacher
2018, PROSTHETICS, African Tribal Man
Alison Williams
Makeup Artist (SFX)
2018, Pinewood studio U.K., Student
Alex Lipitch
2018, Kazuhiro Tsuji's Ageing Masterclass 2017, Model
2018, Hairstyle Course, Long Hair Model for Period Styles
2018, Fitting, Dressing, and Applying Wigs, Model
Pinewood Studios
Holly Pedley
Costume Assistant
2018, 'Working the Scene' Film Masterclass, Costume Supervisor
Pinewood Studios
David Brown
Makeup Designer
2017, Summer School Pinewood Studios, SMUFX Teacher
2017, Period make uo, Model
Pinewood film studios
2016, SFX Models, Model
Pinewood Studios
Prince Dave
2016, OSCAR & BAFTA AWARD WINNER 2016 in Makeup & Hair Style, MODEL
Koo Wood
2016, 20s hair modelling, Hair model
Pinewood studios
Pauline Yong
2015, Pro Period Hair, Hair model

Creative Media Skills Jobs

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