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Born in the East Midlands, UK, 1984 and have lived across many different areas including abroad and an international boarding school as well as working across many different disciplines in and around film. My erratic, multicultural childhood and independence from a very early age I’d say are my biggest advantages in storytelling.

“Years ago I thought psychology was what I wanted to pursue but the lack of creativity stopped me. I realised I couldn’t help people live in a world, I myself, wasn’t happy with – Filmmaking allowed me to invent my own”

Having graduated from Ealing Studios Metfilm School, Bournemouth University and having collaborated on countless projects in various capacities, my writing remains my strongest suit whilst still retaining a very good handle on producing, directing, cinematography, editing and occasional acting.

Although, if creativity was an army, writers would be on the frontline. Every production begins with the story. Crafting the rules of the world, great character(s), plot and mastering the discipline of your audience’s emotional investment. In addition, inspiring others to follow you into battle to make it all happen and their belief in your ability as well as yours in theirs to bring it to life as a collective family. In essence, this is where ‘DanFam’ derives its name. A film is nothing without the team and only as good as the family it takes to create them.

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