East 15 Acting School (Training)

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One of the UK's most innovative acting schools, East 15 has been providing professional training for those wishing to work in theatre, film, TV, radio and related fields for almost 50 years.

The School has a campus in Loughton, on the borders of east London and the Central line of the Underground, and in Southend-on-Sea, as part of the University of Essex's new state-of-the-art development there and just 50 minutes from London.

East 15 offers an extraordinarily dynamic portfolio of degrees that span many areas of training and study of performance for actors, directors and technical theatre specialists. East 15 draws on its long and successful traditions, and combines this with a keen sense of the changing world of theatre today. We train and educate students who want to go and work successfully when they graduate, whether it be in the UK or overseas. Training is by professionals for professionals.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Physical Theatre, East 15 Acting School
  • Fragments, East 15 Drama School
  • East15 Acting School & Royal Armouries
  • East15 Acting and Stage Combat
  • East Fifteen
  • EAST 15/Human Rights Centre
  • East 15 Theatre School
  • East 15 school
  • East 15 MFA Directors Showcase
  • East 15 Drama School
  • East 15 college
  • East 15 Actors
  • East 15 Acting School( Film Dept.)
  • East 15 Acting School, London
  • East 15 Acting School- showcase
  • East 15 Acting School- school's show
  • East 15 Acting School BA Acting & Stage Combat
  • East 15 Acting School - End of term show case
  • East 15 /Shakespeare Globe
  • East 15
  • East 15
  • E15 Courtyard
  • E15 Acting School
  • E15
  • Corbett Theatre
  • BA Physical Theatre East 15
  • 15 Degrees East