Future Cinema

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Future Cinema is a live events company that specialise in creating living, breathing experiences of the cinema.

Connected mandy members:

Dot Wieckowska
Costume Designer
2017, HANDMAIDEN, Costume Assistant
Paul Croft
2015, Secret Cinema: Star Wars, Owen Lars (Uncle Owen)
Devika Ramcharan
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, Secret Cinema Presents: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Assistant Stage Manager
Steven Granger
Production Designer
2015, Secret Cinema : Star Wars, Draughtsman
Devika Ramcharan
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, Secret Cantina, Stage Manager
Secret Locations
Olivia Roberts
Deputy Stage Manager
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? a Live Cinema Experience, Stage Manager on the book
The Troxy
Sammi Woollard
Deputy Stage Manager
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Assistant Stage Manager
Juliana Lisk
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Regina "The Diva" Reynolds
Ian Taylor
Technical Manager / Director
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Production Manager
Clive Keene
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Smart-ass (Leader of Toon Patrol)
The Troxy
Mark Steere
2014, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, R. K Maroon
Troxy Commercial Road, London, E1
2014, Who Framed Roger rabbit, Psycho
2014, Who framed Roger Rabbit, Toon patrol - Greasy
The Troxy
Katie Thackeray
Company Stage Manager
2014, The Musketeers, Assistant Stage Manager
Liverpool Echo Arena
2014, Secret Cinema 21 (Miller's Crossing), Mayor Henry R Woole
Fabio Rinaldo
Sound Engineer
2014, Roger rabbit show, Av tech/operator
Troxy theatre, London
Olly Hill
Set Builder
2014, Grand Budapest Hotel, Master Carpenter
George Farmiloe Buildings, Farringdon
2014, Future Shorts, Mindy
Kyra Heenan
Production Assistant
2014, Future Cinema- The Grant Budapest Hotel, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Miller's Crossing, Production Intern
2014, Future Cinema Presents Ghostbusters, Dr Stanhope
The Troxy

Future Cinema Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Feauture Cinema, Future Cinama, Future Cinema (Future Shorts), Future Cinema Productions, Future Shorts Ltd, Secret Cinema/Future Cinema