Genesis Flux

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At the core of Genesis Flux Productions is the creative collaboration of Director/Producer Chris Cronin and Writer/Producer Paul Thomas.

Chris founded Genesis Flux as a creative outlet for his unique filmmaking vision. His first professional film, ANTE, garnered international acclaim, accruing overwhelmingly positive reviews and taking two international awards for best thriller and best short. Chris thrives on finding new and original ways of presenting entertainment, and is a firm believer that with a strong team, a great imagination and enough hard work, anything is possible.

Paul joined Genesis Flux Films in 2012 after 7 years as a freelance writer and independent producer. He has extensive experience with shorts and features, he wrote multi-international award winning film ANTE and co-wrote and co-produced AFTER DARK FILMS winner EYE SPY. He currently has two feature films in production. Paul has also consulted on a wide range of scripts, including the screenplay adaptation of THE AFFIRMATION, a novel by Christopher Priest (THE PRESTIGE) and THE REST IS ILLUSION, a novel by Eric Arvin (SUBSURDITY). Paul has been involved in writing other works currently in production through Media Bitch, Sable Films and Burnt World Productions.

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