Gibber Theatre Company

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We engage and inspire.

We’ve been using drama to grab attention and stimulate minds of all ages, shapes and sizes for the past decade. We connect with our audiences, building trust and delivering real change. We communicate often challenging and always inspirational messages and concepts to a diverse demographic. Gibber works with schools, businesses and within the community delivering a range of innovative drama-based products.

Gibber continually explore new ways of working and new ways to communicate, using drama and technology to empower and develop.

Our Mission…

“To motivate and inspire the realisation of individual potential in all those who work for and with Gibber.”

If you'd like to know more about the company, or to discover how Gibber can engage your target group explore our website or get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Connected mandy members:

Sarah Bulmer
2020, Why Care?, Amelia
2019, Why Care?, Josh
2019, Why Care?, Amelia
2019, Super Splash Heroes, Max
Sarah Bulmer
2019, Super Splash Heroes, Jada/Water wise granny
Shawney Ross
2019, Super Splash Hero’s, Amira
Joshua Welch
2018, Think B4U Flush, Josh
Tour of the North West
Joshua Welch
2018, Super Splash Heroes, Max
UK Tour
Joshua Welch
2017, You've been Flushed! (A Pantomime), Prince Charming/ Hairy Godfather
Schools in and around the North East
2017, You've been Flushed, Ella
Shawney Ross
2017, Waste Watchers, Smooch, Scarlet
2017, The Waste Watchers, Max / Doctor Who / James Corden
2017, The Waste Watchers, Wizza
2017, Super Splash Heroes, Amira
North East and Essex
Stephanie Lightwing
Singer, Actor
2017, Super Splash Heroes, Amira
2017, Super Splash Hero's, Water wise granny
Othniel Mani
2017, Aim Higher, Sam/Drake/Dr Who
Various Schools
Natasha Haws
2016, What A Laugh/ The Truth, Mixed Roles
School Tour
2016, What a Laugh!, Hugo/Lee
NE Tour
2016, Waste Watchers, Wizza

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Alternative Company Names

Gibber, gibber tc, gibber theatre, gibber theatre co, gibber theatre co.