Goodnights Entertainment (Theatre Production Company)

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Goodnights Entertainment Limited is a professional theatre company based in Milton Keynes.

Formed in 1999, to date we have produced “Frankie’s Game”, “Girls Night”, “Girls Night Too”, “Lucky Balls”, “Bobby & Johnny” , “Girls Behind”, “Checkout Girls” and “Happy Christmas Shirley” and "Finding Daddy", a new musical written in collaboration with songwriter Jayne Taylor.

The core of the company’s success lies with the artistic directors Louise Roche (writer) and Jack Randle (director). Together they have created their own blend of popular accessible drama with a love of music and a good night out at the theatre.

At the head of the company is Sir Peter Thompson, who led the effort to build Milton Keynes Theatre. The Board of Directors is completed by Roy Nevitt, Chair of Milton Keynes Theatre and Gallery Company, and Andrew Welch, director of Andrew Welch Ltd., and Milton Keynes Theatre Productions Ltd.

The enormous success of Milton Keynes Theatre since its opening in 1999 has demonstrated that Milton Keynes appreciates great shows. Goodnights Entertainment are proving to the rest of the country that the world’s best new city can produce great shows too.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Goodnights