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# We are a six year old full service production company (not entirely sure what ‘full service’ means but it sounds faintly professional) specialising in ‘moving image’ communications
# We use all the media currently available including DVD, CD-ROM, web applications and of course tape of various forms (including gaffer). As technologies converge we work in graphic design, animation, event design and management, web programming and applications
# Typical uses include TV advertising, training and staff motivation, external sales and customer relationship building, large scale corporate presentations blah blah
# We have experience in all aspects of the business, from BBC TV production, feature film post production, to commissioning and client-side project management, as well as ice cream, road transport and bubble bath sales. We are generally balding and a bit porky (only the boys of course, the girls are faultless, and know it)
# We do an increasing amount of comms consultancy, which sounds extremely impressive, but essentially means we tell you what we think would work, and stamp our feet when you disagree (and are proved right)
# We have long term relationships with blue-chip friends based on openness and a total commitment to the delivery of a highly effective product. If it won't work, we tell you nicely
# We have the same attitude to sub-contractors, suppliers and partners who we treat as absolutely integral to our success, and who are usually a whole lot cleverer than us (and, in the main, equally follicley challenged, some are even thinner)

Connected mandy members:

2021, Voco Oxford Spires BO & BET Video Based Learning, Chloe (Featured)
Geoff Rock
Story Producer
2021, Juice, advisor
Ross Hayhow
2019, Odeon - Star wars commercial, Boyfriend and Dad
Odeon Cinema
Mark Johnson
2018, Adre show, Model
Chris Li
2017, Zhou Dao Video, Chinese visitor
Dan Lam
2017, Zhou Dao Intercontinental Park Lane, International Businessman (Hero)
Jeremy Bolden
2017, Juice + / Better Life, Gaffer
Laura Arnaiz
2017, Crowne Plaza, Housekeeper
2017, BUUK, Alice/ Nurse
Nikki Brooks
2016, Mercedes, Customer
2015, BP Training Video, Scott
2015, BP Corporate, Manager
2014, Positive resilience, Landi
Ash Taylor
Camera Operator (HD)
2014, Juice. / Lights, Camera, Nothing, Camera Op
Clair Haynes
2014, Emergency, DC Pauline Courtney
Tony Burden
2014, Barclays DC&G training video, John Davies
Barclays. 1 Churchill Place, London
2014, Barclays, Bradley
2014, Balancing Advocacy, The Communications Consultant
2013, BMW i3, Cyclist
Derek Gruszeckyj
Director of Photography
2013, BMW (Dealer Launch), D.o.P.

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Alternative Company Names

Juice Moving Images Ltd, Juice Productions