Kudos Productions (Film and TV Production Company)

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Since its inception in 1992, the British production company Kudos has amassed an impressive catalogue of television and film, creating original, popular, award-winning work with flair and intelligence and a keen sense of emerging talent. Whether tackling edgy subject matter or crafting mainstream entertainment, Kudos has become an international force as a production entity of quality and distinction. Under the leadership of Joint Managing Directors Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone, Director of Drama Simon Crawford Collins and Commercial Director Daniel Isaacs, the company continues to thrive.

Recent projects include The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (starring Jane Horrocks), Wide Sargasso Sea (a sumptuous adaptation of Jean Rhys' prequel to Jane Eyre), series 5 of hit drama Spooks, the shocking Scars (starring Jason Isaacs) for More4, a second series of Life on Mars, a BBC / HBO collaboration on Abi Morgan's Tsunami, The Aftermath, series 4 of Hustle and a children's spy series, M.I.High. Meanwhile, Kudos Pictures is in pre-production on a David Cronenberg film starring Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortenson.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Sky 1/ Kudos
  • Quodos
  • Kudos/E4
  • Kudos/ BBC
  • Kudos tv for BBC3
  • Kudos TV and Films
  • Kudos TV and Film
  • Kudos TV
  • Kudos Television and Film
  • Kudos Television (E4)
  • Kudos Television
  • Kudos Spooks Ltd
  • Kudos Spooks
  • Kudos Productions Ltd.
  • Kudos Productions
  • Kudos Pictures
  • Kudos Ltd
  • Kudos ITV
  • Kudos Hustle LTD
  • Kudos Hustle
  • Kudos Hour Ltd
  • Kudos for ITV
  • Kudos for HBO
  • Kudos for Channel 4
  • Kudos for BBC 2
  • Kudos for bbc
  • Kudos Films and Television
  • Kudos Films & TV
  • Kudos Films
  • Kudos Film, ITV
  • Kudos Film and TV Ltd
  • Kudos Film and TV
  • Kudos Film and Television/BBC
  • Kudos Film and Television for ITV
  • Kudos Film and Television
  • Kudos Film and Entertainment
  • Kudos Film &Television Ltd
  • Kudos Film & TV Ltd
  • Kudos Film & TV for Sky 1
  • Kudos Film & TV
  • Kudos Film & Television
  • Kudos Film
  • Kudos Entertainment
  • Kudos (LS) Ltd
  • Kudos (Law) LTD
  • Kudos
  • ITV/Kudos Productions
  • ITV- Kudos (L&O) Ltd
  • Cudos
  • BBC Kudos Productions