MET Film School

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MET Film School is based at Ealing Studios in the U.K.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Donna Seymour
Camera Assistant
2020, linda, camera assistant
Nick Lester
2020, Jodie, Gary - Lead
Reiko Nagayoshi
2020, ICEBERGS, 1st AC
Donna Seymour
Camera Assistant
2020, icebergs, assistant director
Lucille Howe
2020, Frankie, Grace (lead)
Saaj Raja
2020, Foreigner's Pride, Aniket (lead)
Ealing Studios
2020, Family Reunion, Runner
2020, Family Reunion, Janey
Joseph Barry
2020, Escape, Anthony
Ealing Studios, London
2019, Z, Ozzy (Z)
2019, You Told Me, Becky
Josh Squire
2019, You Should Have Said Something, Guy
Enrico Borrometi
Writer / Director
2019, Who is Sia?, Gaffer
2019, Where is Sarah?, Dorothy, stressed neighbour of dead grandmother,.
Private House
2019, Where is Sarah?, Paula
2019, Where is Sarah?, Grandma Double
Ealing Studios
Louis Hill
2019, Where Has Summer Gone?, Dean Hill
2019, Where Has Summer Gone?, Summer Stone
António Soares
2019, Where Has Summer Gone?, First Assistant Director
Bruna Pias
2019, Where Has Summer Gone?, Production Assistant

MET Film School Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

JLD Productions/Met film school, MET Film School of Ealing, MET Film School, Ealing Studios, Tilde Productions & MET Film School