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Worldwide Company, advertising and campaigns.

Connected mandy members:

Zoe Matthews
2022, John Lewis, Mum
Amba Gayfer
2022, eBay You old dog you, Nina
Round wood park
Chris Bearne
2022, Ebay commercial, Grandad
Michael Shatto
Location Manager
2021, Walmart, Assistant Location Manager
Esmee Morris
Publicity Assistant
2021, TJ Maxx Commerical, Production Assistant
Derrick Jackson
COVID Compliance Officer
2021, Nissan, Covid compliance officer
Terran Pettaway
Camera Operator
2021, Nissan, Production Truck PA
Xavier Musti
2021, Mt. Everest - ETRADE, PA
Alex Jiang
Production Assistant
2021, Mastercard, Production Assistant
Terran Pettaway
Camera Operator
2021, Marriott, Camera Truck Pa
Esmee Morris
Publicity Assistant
2021, Busch Light Commerical, Production Assistant
Xavier Musti
2021, Astronaut - ETRADE, PA
2020, Sunday League, Football Mum
2020, Snickers Fix The World, Guy on Date
Los Angeles
2020, KFC, Afro Girl
2020, Heiniken, Lockdown Football Fan
Mona Lisa
2020, Heineken Home Parties, Flirting Woman
2020, Heineken - The Wait, Football fan
Elliot Cable
2020, Heineken - House Parties, Alex
2020, Coral, Woman with dog

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MJZ / ITV, MJZ London, MJZ Los Angeles