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2021, 1066, William Duke of Normandy
2020, War to End All Wars, Lord Hugh Grosvenor
Emma Russon
2020, Silly Science Schools Tour, Professor Sulphur Nitrate
2020, Silly Science, Professor Nitrate-Sulphur
Lucy Mizen
2020, Silly Science, Professor Nitrate
Julia Quayle
2020, Silly Science, Professor Nitrate (Lead Role)
Touring to Schools and a Fixture at the Royal Gunpowder Mills Museum
2020, Just Breathe, Supporting
2020, Cato Street Conspiracy, Robert Adams
2019, The Unknown Soldier, Arthur Seaby
Lucy April
2019, Silly Science, Professor Sulpher Nitrate
2019, Silly Science, Professor Nitrate
2019, Silly Science, Professor Sulphur Nitrate
2019, Not Forgotten at the Anzac Buffet, Florence Brill
2019, A New Jerusalem, Soldier
Jack Darell
2018, The Unknown Warriors, One Man Show
2018, The Unknown Soldier ~ a one man show, Arthur/Monty & Various
2018, The Unknown Soldier, WWI Soldier
Rosie Dunjay
2018, The Mad Scientist, Professor Sulphur-Nitrate
2018, The Ghost of Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes
Royal Gunpowder Mills
Celia Jones
2018, Silly Science, Professor Nitrate

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