Napoleon Creative

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Napoleon Creative is an end-to-end video production company and animation studio based in Shoreditch, East London.

Connected mandy members:

Natalie Husdan
Voice Over: English
2021, Capgemini, Narrator
Kevin Fleming
Voice Over: American - Standard
2020, Cloud Technology Explainer Video Narration, Narrator
Branko Tomovic
Voice Over: German
2017, Colour Drive, German Voiceover
Scott Ciscon
Voice Over: American - Standard
2017, Capgemini - Audience Digital Behaviour Report, Narrator
Ed Ashe
Voice Over: American - Standard
2017, Animation VO, Narrator
Gordon Gronbach
Director of Photography
2016, Various talking heads / live action capture of a sculptor /shoots in UK and Asia, Director of Photography / Lighting Cameraman
Andrew Whittle
Motion Graphic Designer
2016, Various Projects, Motion Graphics
Rich Keeble
Richard Reed
Voice Over: English
2016, IdaSS Phone, Narrator
2016, HMRC: Capgemini, HMRC Leader
2016, Capgemini, Data Analyst
Sarah Lalin
Voice Over: American
2016, Capgemini, Voice
Jeannie McGinnis
Voice Over: American - Standard
2016, Capgemini, Narrator
2016, Capgemini, Office worker
Green Screen Soho
Sarah Lalin
Voice Over: American
2016, Business Payments Portal, Voice
Sarah Lalin
Voice Over: American
2016, American Express, Voice
David Fabbro
2015, Road Safety,young drivers in West Midland, Stunt driver for road safety campaign
Jack Purkis
2015, Road safety video, Moped driver
Ash Hussain
2015, Road Safety for Young Drivers, Mike (Car Driver)
Bhavnisha Parmar
Voice Over: English
2015, Road Safety (RIDE), Narrator

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