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Connected mandy members:

Belle Jones
Voice Over: Scottish
2021, The Networks Keep Us Going, Voiceover
Leej Ramirez
2020, Nokia Wifi Phase 2, Supporting Actor
Audrey Schoellhammer
Voice Over: English
2019, Nokia e-learning, dubbing into German
Reece Abbott
2019, Nokia, Lead Yound Male
Taylor Glenn
Voice Over: American - Standard
2019, Nokia, Voiceover
Imoje Aikhoje
2018, Nokia Bell Labs - Raw Space, Assistant Editor
2018, Nokia 8 Commerical, Model
2018, Nokia 7.1 Switcheroo, Presenter
Tristan Dunn
2018, Nokia - Wifi That Works, Production Assistant / Camera Trainee
Sam Donvito
2018, Digital Time, Spark
2018, Blind Unboxing, Product Reviewer
2017, Nokia Safety e-Learning Module, Narrator
2017, Nokia Health- "Know Yourself"- Smart Scale, Principal
2017, Nokia Commercial, Lead Female
2017, Nokia 8 - Mobile Tech Test, Actor
Arianna Reiche
Voice Over: American - Standard
2017, Nokia #Bothie Promo, Voiceover
Marie Brammah
Costume Assistant
2017, If Only - Commercial, Work Placement - Costume assistant
2017, e-Learning Module, Narrator
Judith Georgi
Voice Over: German
2016, Nokia Worldwide Recruitment Videos, Narrator
2014, Nokia, Dad
London home

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