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Organised Chaos Productions is a theatre production company, set up in 2009 to help and support undiscovered and emerging talent in Manchester and the North West providing platforms for this creativity by successfully taking care of all the production technicalities.

Connected mandy members:

Brian Gorman
2013, A Lot Of It About, Ben
NW Tour
John Dayton
2013, A Lot Of It About, Kev
The Lowry
2013, A Lot of It About, Interviewer/ Young Ann/ Consultant
2013, A Lot Of It About, Ben
2012, Yuletide Override, Paul
3 Minute Theatre
2012, Yuletide Overide, James
Three Minute Theatre
2012, The Whitman Account, Writer
Three Minute Theatre
2012, The Angel, Writer
Three Minute Theatre
James Oates
2012, Staying Postitive, Robert/Tom
3 Minute Theatre
2012, Staying Positive, Writer
Three Minute Theatre
2012, Perspectives/Inhabited, Director
3 Minute Theatre Manchester
2012, Perspectives: Duty of Care, Harold Wilson & Gaz
The 3 Minute Theatre
2012, Light Through Every Window, Dave
Alice Potter
2012, Chaotic Combinations Monologue Jam, Patient
2012, Breaking, Matt
2012, Bottled Wasps, Patrick
Joshua Brooks
Kirsty Nicol
Set Designer
2012, Bottled Wasps, Designer
Joshua Brooks, Manchester and Touring
2012, Bottled Wasps, Grace
2012, AfterWords, Clerk
2012, AfterWords, The Clerk
The Continental, Preston

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Alternative Company Names

Organised Chaos, Organised Choas, Organised Choas Productions