Poisson Rouge Pictures Ltd

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Connected mandy members:

Dan Styles
Fight Co-Ordinator
2019, De Gaulle (AKA Libres), Action Coordinator
2016, Two Is a Family (2016), Supporting Actor
2016, Domain Tout Commence, English Mother
2016, Clapham, The Hipster!
2015, Demain tout commence, School girl
Mill Hill School
2015, Demain Tout Commence, Featured Child at Prep School
Belmont Prep School, Mill Hill. London
Brendan Ayre
2013, Une Recontre, Passenger
Kings Cross Station
Margot Richardson
Voice Over: English
2013, Quantum Love, Margeaux
2013, Quantum Love, Literary Fan (Margeaux)
Thomas Giddens
Art Dept Assistant
2013, Gone Too Far!, Art Department Assistant
Angel Perez Grandi
Sound Editor
2013, Dirty Weekend, Dialogue Editor
Angel Perez Grandi
Sound Editor
2012, Gone Too Far, Sound Editor
Jonathan Dew
2012, Coconut Shy, Spark
Nick Budding
2012, Coconut Shy, Gaffer (Dailies)
Thomas Reitr
2010, Siren, Production coordinator
2008, The Hide, Producer
Brian Bowles
Voice Over: English
2008, Mr Nobody, Various
Natasha Hook
Unit Nurse
2007, Angel, Unit Nurse
2007, Angel, Co-Producer

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Alternative Company Names

Poisson Rouge Pictures, Poisson Rouge Pictures Limited