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The official Facebook page for Runestone Pictures. The home of great northern film and TV. Casting and filming in North Yorkshire. Runestone creates superb film and TV. Runestone is a UK Film and Television company founded in 2014 by Diana Brooks. The company’s mission is to create and distribute independent film and TV. Productions span a range of genres and audience taste.

In 2016 Runestone has four TV shows in production including 'Luvvies', 'Vampyre', 'Meadow' and 'Bloody Vikings' and three feature films 'Macbeth', A Christmas Carol' and 'Robin Hood'.

Promoting new talent has been key to Runestone's production strategy and it continues to pride itself on casting new talent.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

2021, Luvvies, Michelle
Adam Martyn
2021, Idle Minds, Seb
Shobi Rae Mclean
Actor, Dancer
2021, Idle Minds, Maddison
2021, Franny's Friend, Greywolf
2021, Casting the Runes (Episode 1 of Ghostly Tales), Julian Karswell
Ian Alldis
2021, Briefs, Kevin
2021, Briefs, Lucy
Redcar, Yorkshire
2021, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge
Wayne Ewart
2020, Vampyre, Charles
United Kingdom
2020, Vampyre, Stephen
2020, Robinhood, Alan a Dale
2020, Robin Hood, Simon
Matt Taylor
2020, Robin Hood, Soldier
2020, Robin Hood, Richard the Lionheart
Bishophill, York
2020, Robin Hood, William
2020, Macbeth, Banquo
Sean Rooney
2020, Macbeth, Thane of Caithness
Matt Taylor
2020, Macbeth, Soldier
2020, Macbeth, English Doctor
2020, Macbeth, Porter

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