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An award-winning provider of creative services, Side has worked with many of the leading developers and publishers in the video games industry. Since we began in 1997, our team of experienced casting and performance directors, production managers and sound engineers have worked with an extensive cast of talented actors on a wide range of AAA titles.

Our expertise and passion in this field has been recognised and voted on by our peers, with Side being the proud recipient of a Develop Industry Excellence Award for five years running.

We approach each project as an opportunity to set new benchmarks, and believe that excellent storytelling and performances will give your title the edge.

Connected mandy members:

2022, Voice Over for Animation Behind-the Scenes Video, Voice Over Artist
Quanna Luo Masterson
Voice Over: Chinese, Mandarin
2022, Project Chai, Bodyguard
Jamie Norton
Sound Designer
2022, Dialogue Editing, Post Production Coordinator
Akie Kotabe
2021, Untitled Side Project, Placefiller
Hai Le
2021, Untitled Game (not yet public), Game Character (Voice & Facial Capture)
Lexie McDougall
Voice Over: American - Standard
2021, Star Wars: Hunters, Robot Sports Commentator
Amy Lennox
Voice Over: Scottish
2021, Rising Sun, Lily, Mona, fairy C, child
Rosie Day
Voice Over: English
2021, Rising Sun, LEAD
Christopher Dukes
Voice Over: English
2021, R&D, Voice Actor
Alex Marchi
Voice Over: Italian
2021, PJF, Pavia
Akie Kotabe
2021, NDA VG (Side), Placefiller
Akie Kotabe
2021, Iron Butterfly, Placefiller
Becky Wright
Voice Over: English
2021, AAA Release, To be announced
Jason Gosling
Sound Engineer
2020, Various Projects., Freelance Audio Engineer and Technician
Robert Vernon
Voice Over: English
2020, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Barok van Zieks
Matt Jopling
Voice Over: English
2020, SIDE, Fresh Voices Database
Loren Bow
2020, Project Megaphone, Northern
2020, Project Megaphone, Voice Actor
Loren Bow
Voice Over: English
2020, Project Megaphone, Northern
Adam Diggle
Voice Over: English
2020, Monkey King: Hero is Back, Boar Troll

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Side, Side Productions, Side Studios, Side Studios, London, Side UK Ltd, SIDE UK Ltd. - video game production-partner