Slung Low

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Slung Low is a company specialising in new work, led by 8 artists collected from diverse creative backgrounds including prose, movement, video, sound and theatre.

Slung Low allows the particular demands of each story to inform the choice of venue and performance style- meaning that you are as likely to catch the next show on your iPod as you are in a city centre car-park.

At the core of the company’s work is the intention to use all the technology and resources available to a 21st Century artist to achieve that oldest of artistic aims – a good story well told.

Connected mandy members:

Alyce Liburd
2020, You can bet it's Christmas, Mrs Shepherd
Dermot Daly
2020, You Can Bet It's Christmas, Mr Shepherd
2020, You Can Bet It's Christmas, Yusuf
Robert Turnbull
2D Animator
2020, The Good Book, Extra
Joseph Palmer
2020, The Good Book, 2nd AC
Dermot Daly
2019, What I Found In The River, - -
Nicki Davy
2019, Slung Low Shorts: The Meeting, Karen Baxter
Slung Low, The Holbeck
Ruth Berkoff
2019, Slung Low Shorts 4, Indigo in Crappy Birthday To Me
The Holbeck
Saskia Pay
2019, Red and Black, Evelyn Taylor
Dermot Daly
2019, Nuclear Family, Oscar
Frances Bolley
2019, Caberet Night, Guitarist
The Holbeck Theatre
Dermot Daly
2019, Archeology, Two
The Unicorn
2018, Slung Low Shorts 3, Michael in "Cutting The Cake"
The Holbeck Underground Ballroom, Leeds.
Liam Parkin
2018, Red and Black, Bouffon
2018, Red and Black, Spanish Mother
Beth Elliott
2018, Red and Black, Ernie Crispin
Natasha Hale
2018, Red and Black, Narrator
The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
Kofi Dennis
2018, Red and Black, Prison Guard/Ensembe
Marina Diamantidi
Costume Designer
2018, Red and Black, Assistant Deisgner
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
Charlotte Acres
Events Manager
2018, Red and Black, Assistant Stage Manager
Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and Cathedral Gardens

Slung Low Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Slung Low Theatre, Slung Low Theatre Company