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It is TallTree Pictures' belief that there is a substantial gap in the market to allow for a business led production company to flourish where others perhaps have failed or indeed narrowly missed the mark. The rationale behind this is that many films are made nationwide but getting them to audience and making a good return for those wishing to back/invest in such projects is a harder task. TallTree Pictures' aim is to create commercially viable feature films whose structure allows for private investors to realise a good return in the short medium and long-term future of the business.By the utilisation of innovative investment structures that allow for flexibility and potential tax relief for those investing nationwide and also on certain projects worldwide, support can be gleaned. Vincent Woods and Kirsty Bell have incredible business pedigrees and a wealth of contacts and knowledge in media, finance and the film world.TallTree has produced a short film "Bait Room", a self funded project completed in November 2009. Using North East Locations, cast and crew this project is being utilised not only to market the company and the quality of what it can produce, it is the company's calling card.

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