The Flying Seagull Project

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Working in association with charities, schools, and care centres the Flying Seagull team works across Romania, Cambodia and the UK.

The Flying Seagulls visit orphanages, hospitals, gypsy communities, the rural poor, care homes, schools, youth clubs, the homeless and the elderly to do arts, music and crafts workshops, music lessons, dance, circus shows and clown doctoring.

Connected mandy members:

2021, The Flying Seagull Project, Clown and Workshop Facilitator
2 tours, once around refugee camps in Greece and once in camps around Europe.
2021, Laugh and Play UK, Loz the clown/ acrobat/ co writer
2020, Cirque du Samos, Clown/ Acrobat
2019, United in Laughter Tours, Clown/entertainer
Toby Trimby
2019, The Flying Seagull Project, Toto
2019, Miles of Smiles, Cha Cha
2019, Laughter to Lebanon, Clown/ Acrobat/ Juggler
Zoe Hinks
Puppet Builder
2019, Cirque du Samos, Puppet maker and clown
Samos refugee camp, Greece
2018, Miles of Smiles, Stilt walker/ Clown
2018, Happiness Matters, Clown/ Acrobat
2018, 2018 European tour, Gilly: The Clown
Samos & Kios
2016, The Flying Seagull Project, Seagull
Clare McCall
2016, Summer Festival Tour 2016, Circus Performer
Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival & Wilderness Festival, UK
2016, Star Wars event, Stormtrooper
Isobel Wolff
2016, Laugh 'n Play Tour - India, Wolfie the Clown
2015, SCHOOL OF SLAPSTICK – BFI & TOUR, Performer/Facilitator/Headmistress
Various Festivals
2014, Wilderness Festival, Dotty Spotty-Sox
Kids Field
2014, The Flying Seagull Project at CarFest, Blip The Clown
2014, The Flying Seagull Project, Voulevant
2014, Hop Farm Festival, Dotty Spotty-Sox
Hop Farm

The Flying Seagull Project Jobs

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