Voice in a Million

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Voice in a Million was founded in 2009 by husband and wife, Robert and Jo Garofalo..

In 2003 the couple had decided to start a family, however due to circumstances, they decided to embark on the route of adoption.

By January 2006, (3 years later) they were still in the adoption system, having gone through a number of setbacks and endless red-tape in the UK, they decided to consider adopting from another country. By chance in February 2006, they were in Tangiers, Morocco; and were invited to visit a small orphanage….it was here that they met a 4 month old boy…a moment that was to change their lives forever.

Almost a year later, with Jo practically having lived in Morocco for most of that time, they finally brought their son home to the UK; and almost a year after that he was officially adopted.Jo and Robert had been in the UK adoption system for more than four years.

A few months after they brought Samuel home, Robert was producing a televised concert with his friend, Rick Wakeman. During the performance, Rick unexpectedly decided to play a piece he had written; and dedicated it to Samuel. This gave Robert the nucleus of an idea to create a musical show that was themed to tell the story of other children less fortunate, the ones that hadn’t found homes.

In 2007, Jo now a full-time mother, decided that she wanted to start teaching youngsters; and formed a small part time musical academy for children, based out of the couple’s film and TV studio in Shepperton Studios.

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