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VSI (Voice and Script International) was set up in 1989 by our Managing
Director, Norman Dawood, and has been privately owned and run ever since. In 1958 his father, N J Dawood, founded Aradco, a highly respected translation company which helped to establish international quality standards for language services.

At the´╗┐ forefront of innovation from the beginning, VSI was the first to subtitle electronically in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, paving the way for a specialisation in challenging languages. VSI started out with just three people in a two-room London office. Over the years, we established facilities in the main global media hot spots.

Today we employ over 200 people at 16 facilities worldwide and every year we localise more than 40,000 programme hours into over 40 languages.

2009. I worked for Barlinney Prison documentary voiceover, and also Video Games script editor and voice coach

2011. "Transformers 3" Turkish script editor and sound editor

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Alternative Company Names

GE Capital / VSI, VSI london, VSI Lucchesi