Y Touring Theatre Company

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Y Touring is Central YMCA’s award winning Touring Theatre Company, established in 1989.

Through creating high quality theatre and drama, we aim to highlight important, often difficult, current issues and empower its audiences of young people and adults to generate change in themselves, others and society.

Y Touring was the first company to work in the arena of health, sex education and science ethics. Y Touring has continually explored its mission statement with work suitable for students, teachers and professionals alike.

Over the last two years our work has expanded to producing plays for adult audiences and moved towards integrating new media into the way in which we create our stories, develop and promote our work.

In 2003 we were invited to perform Cracked by Nicola Baldwin at the World Festival of Madness and Arts in Toronto.

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Alternative Company Names

Y Touring, y touring tc, y touring theatre, y touring theatre co, y touring theatre co.