Matthew Jones


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019Creative Head
Film (Student)
Student FilmRunshaw College
  • Education

    2019Film Studies, Media Studies, PhotographyRunshaw College

    About me

    For the past few years there hasn't been a doubt in my mind about what i wanted to do with my career. Film and TV production sets have always been appealing and i felt like behind the camera was the role best suited to me. Cameras have always been a technology that interested me so i spent my years in education studying subjects that would help me better understand and appreciate the industry. A personal inspiration is the youtube channel 'The Slo-Mo guys' who give interesting insight behind the stunning and impressive technology. My favourites are the videos showing the behind the scenes and the challenges of filming. I am passionate and desperate to get my foot in the door, doing something that makes me happy and i enjoy.

    Additional Information

    The highest level qualifications i received were my A-Levels. At A Level i studied photography, Media Studies and Film Studies in which I achieved CBB respectively. I chose them with the intention of building an amateur portfolio and experience. My Photography helped me refine my knowledge of exposure and how to frame a shot, further helped by the theory I learned in both Media Studies and Film Studies. I put these skills to use in my media coursework and film coursework. Both of which required me to write, plan a shot list, frame the shots. My film coursework had me put together a short film and my media coursework had me make a music video with a political message. Both of these helped me gain significant experience and gave me and idea of what sets are actually like, this knowledge furthered by my own research.

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    • Film (Short)