Thomas Parkin

    • Production Assistant
    • Researcher (Junior)



YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019Production Assistant
Live Event
BT Sport Score - LiveBT SPORT
2019Production Assistant
Live Event
Red Stripe - 'This Feeling'Red Stripe
2019Production Assistant
Live Event
Isle of Wight Festival 2019
Celia Moore
2018 - 2019Production Coordinator
Blud Bruvvas
Brett Best
Ultimate Football Fan
2019Data Handling Specialist
2018Production Assistant
Papa John's Advert 2018FKC London
  • Education

    2019Digital Television ProductionRavensbourne

    About me

    I am a 22-year-old from London. I graduated from Ravensbourne University in 2018, where I studied Digital TV Production for three years and achieved a 2:1 grade. I am currently looking for the next chapter in

    what has already been an exciting early career in digital media. I am interested in a documentary making, comedy, music videos and various other genres of media.

    I also enjoy art, style and design.

    I consider myself good with people. I am a team player with a great work ethic. Due to the skills learnt through university and my career I am able to fill multiple roles with different kinds of people. I enjoy brainstorming ideas and working creatively with others to create brilliant content. Many have described me as mature for my age, but I’m also able to have a laugh and enjoy myself.

    At university, I gained some fantastic experience. I was chosen to work on filming assignments on behalf of the university in both Uganda and China, where I worked as a camera operator, editor and producer. During my time at university I was also chosen to pitch a show idea to Dom Bird at Channel 4 named ‘Viral’.

    Between 2018 and 2019 I worked with a production company in London called UFF where I was given the opportunity to write, produce and direct my first documentary (which can be found on Amazon Fire) as well as a weekly comedy show which averaged around 12k views per week on YouTube. During my time there I also presented to camera during the 2018 World Cup, interviewing football fans. This was broadcast on London Live. I have also worked on many shoots as a production runner with companies such as BT Sport, CC-Lab and Luminaries Ltd plus advertising shoots for agencies.

    I am currently working for IMG. My role is to make sure live sports broadcasting from all over the world

    is streamed successfully to millions of viewers. I liaise with producers on every continent and I am often responsible for major pay-per-view events running smoothly. Unfortunately, this means I am fixed at a desk and this lacks a creative aspect I enjoy. I guess you could say I miss working ‘in the field’. I’ve also just started recording my own Podcast show.

    I can bring a good, positive attitude to any shoot or office and I love meeting new people. I have a passion for a wide range of creative platforms. I enjoy pitching new ideas and have an extensive knowledge of roles on set. I can think outside of the box and approach any job with a professional and efficient manner.

    Kind regards

    Tom Parkin

  • Skills

    Years in industry
    • 1 to 3 years
    Experienced in
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Digital/Online Campaigns
    • Documentary
    • Live TV
    • Sport
    • Television
    • Youth TV
    Interested in
    • Arts
    • Biography
    • Business
    • Childrens
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Competition/Gameshow
    • Cookery
    • Digital/Online Campaigns
    • Documentary
    • Drama Reconstruction
    • ENG/Outside Broadcast
    • Environmental
    • Film (Feature)
    • Film (LB)
    • Film (Short)
    • Investigative
    • Live Daytime
    • Live TV
    • Magazine
    • Mobile Phone Content
    • Music
    • Music Promo
    • Natural History
    • News & Current Affairs
    • Reality TV
    • Sport
    • Television
    • Travel
    • Youth TV
    DBS checked
    • Yes