• 2019 9 minutes

      Incel tries to lose his virginity at a party, but ends up descending further into madness

      Willis Jones, a young man who identifies himself as an incel, goes to a party to try and prove that he is better than the online community he is a part of and lose his virginity. He arrives to find that he missed the party completely, and everyone has gone home. Furious, he tries to find the girl who hosted the party, Jane, only to find her in bed with another man, Chad. He furiously rants to his online companions, but in doing so wakes up Chad. Chad makes fun of Willis for being so pathetic so he hits him on the head with a bottle, knocking him out. Jane then comes down and tries to kick him out, but doesn't notice Chad at all. Willis looks over at Chad's body to find it has disappeared and, realising that the figure of Chad was a construct because he has to put obstacles in front of himself he tries to seduce Jane but she is absolutely not interested and has to threaten him in order to make him leave. Willis does so, but his bitterness and hatred towards women becomes internalised, and he has become completely radicalised as he retreats back into his protective shell of an online community.

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