British Made

2019, 98 minutes

When a man is released from prison for his involvement in a white nationalist gang, he begins to uncover the truth behind his troubled past with violent consequences.

When a young man who is released early from prison for his involvement with a far-right nationalist group, he attempts to rebuild his life and uncover the truth behind his troubled past. Set in the heartland of a racially divided country, we learn of the troubles that lie beneath the town where Daniel lives, where unemployment is high and hope for the future is low. Daniel is forced to work in a gruelling factory in fear of breaking his parole and heading back to prison, whilst being drawn back towards the nationalistic gang that contributed towards his downfall in the first place. Daniel attempts to learn where his girlfriend Gemma vanished to, fearing that if he cannot hold on to this dream, he may well slip towards a path of self-destruction and violence that seem his only way of escape.

Connected mandy members:

Simon Eile
Harry Smith
Gordon Round
Jim Brown
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Annie Power
Casting Director
Sophie Marchant
Sound Editor
Sound recordist
Clipboard Guard
Cris Fells
Sound Recordist
Sound recordist, foley, editing and final mixing.
Jacob Ward
Political Speaker
Vicente Torres Rosello
Art Dept Assistant
Set Designer
Anwen Bull