Dancing With Angels

    • 2011 16 minutes

      An obsessive comedian struggles to live in the real world

      Desperate to follow in the comedy footsteps of the late, great comedian Eric Morecambe, Reggie Appleby decides to dedicate his life to becoming a stand-up comedian and performing in a small comedy club in north London in this moving new short film. But failure is at every turn for the would-be star comedian. Meeting attractive bar maid Lola Morgan at the club looks to be a positive step forward for both Appleby and Morgan. However, fate has other ideas and their respective lives take a downward spiral, with their relationship suffering as a result of Reggie's obsession with Eric Morecambe, Morecambe's damaging addiction to prescription drugs and home life spent in an old caravan. But ultimately a seal is set on a far darker outcome - and one which even Lola's best friend and confidante, Sandy Fisher, cannot prevent.

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