Eyes of the Roshi

2016, 90 minutes

A fugitive martial arts grandmaster fights to protect himself and the ones he loves.

EYES OF THE ROSHI is a film about choices. Saigon, 1973. A boy discovers a dead body on the side of the road. The decision he makes will haunt him until the end of his days... The boy is grown, and now a fully realized Grandmaster far from his home. Adam Nguyen is a stranger in a strange land. A vengeful billionaire has unleashed a killer, and the fugitive grandmaster must overcome his reluctance, summon his inner warrior, and battle to protect his adopted home, and the ones he loves.

Connected mandy members:

Ethan Johnson
Camera Assistant
1st AC
Danielle Hewitt
Production Assistant
Production Office Coordinator
Eric Hales
Director of Photography (2nd Unit)
First Assistant Camera
Jonathan Miller
Camera Assistant
B Camera 1st Assistant