2020, 20 minutes

A short film based around the effect of violence on young people and their relationships, where one event can lead to drastic repercussions.

Corey is a well mannered likeable young man attending a local sixth form college. He and his close friend Finn find their friendship and their home relationships challenged, when they become involved with the wrong people after witnessing a gang related homicide. They are both used by the gang for committing petty crimes against their will. After a it starts to become normality for the boys and their family relationships are deteriorating Finn realises the gang have taken a liking to Corey and wants to prove himself. Jealousy consumes Finn leading him to make a terrible mistake as he becomes too wrapped up in this new world to which he has been sucked into.

Connected mandy members:

Mike Gardner
Supporting actor
Adrian Stan
Raven Tahzib
Script Supervisor
Script Supervisor
Emma Hockley
Editor (Colourist)
Editor & Colourist
Alec Hopkins
Finn - Lead