Future Skies

    • 2012 12 minutes

      Experimental short on time travel

      Future Skies is a short experimental film that focuses on Inari, a girl who proclaims to be a time traveler, and upon meeting a boy, Adam, she spends her remaining hours exploring a city, formulating in moments of interest. The amalgamation presents two individuals experiencing a city through highly stylized visuals and unique filmmaking techniques. it concept is to form a romanticism i feel is being lost by the clinical clean image of todays digital revolutions, and rather embrace grain and scratches, harking back to the lo-fi era of Super8 and the current resurgence of lomography film.
      This is under the pretense of Inari who feels lost in the world, unable to move forward from past memories, and the reason why she is in the city; to view an artifact lost in her time period.
      She wishes to be able to see the present through both eyes!

      Companies involved in this production

      • Cerebral Sky

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