2010, 74 minutes

Yearning to be married Fran Goldman is forced to reassess his strategy of love after being dumped by his fiancee four weeks before the wedding.

29 year-old clothing importer Fran Goldman (Gerard Kearns) offered his fiancée everything ? including his heart and a two-bedroom penthouse flat in Kentish Town. Unfortunately she didn?t want them - so four weeks before their wedding she called it off. Deciding to stay in London rather than honeymoon on his own, Fran remains convinced that she?ll see the error of her ways and change her mind. But when he bumps into her with her new boyfriend any dreams he might have had of a reconciliation are dashed. He has no choice but to try to move on and meet someone new. He is aided in his search by his sometimes neurotic friends Ben (Chris Coghill) and Jon (Al Weaver) who seem to be suffering from the opposite of Fran?s predicament ? their girlfriends are mad about them, whilst the guys appear lukewarm about their girls. So, not entirely altruistically, Ben and Jon collaborate with Fran in several failed attempts to pick up women. These include a trawl for talent at a rabbi?s house and a case of mistaken sexuality when two women that the guys pick up assume that they?re gay. Fran very soon gets to hit rock bottom. Will he ever find salvation? And might salvation be found closer to home than he ever realised? [<a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeymooner'>Plot summary provided by WikiPedia</a>]

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