I am Sterdam

2009, 60 minutes

Modern London set Thriller

Sterdam lives alone in London, a small time drug dealer in the heart of the capital. The only one among a group of friends with cash to spare and time to kill, Sterdam is the go-to-guy for money and narcotics but the favours he demands in return become increasingly bizarre. One by one his friends are forced to seek shelter in Sterdam's run-down house and what began as communal living quickly transforms into an angst-ridden turmoil of violence and manipulation. Undetected by the others, Sterdam descends into obsession and psychosis, and while the rest of the group revels in love, lust and liquor, Sterdam keeps well hidden a basement concealing the tools of his authority and the evidence of his encroaching madness.

Connected mandy members:

Dawson James
Sterdam - Lead
Valerie Ford
Brooke Daniels
Lucy Mills
Tayo Rotibi