Intergalactic Combat

2007, 90 minutes

Fighting for our planet

Aliens appear at a meeting of the United Nations and invite Earth to join the Galactic Federation, but there is a catch, Earth has one year to find and prepare a team on unarmned fighters to go off-world and compete in the Galactic Combat Games, the status of our planet will depend on how well they do.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Mark Joseph
Reggie Bolting
Scott Hinds
Charles Penhalogen
Seb Morgan
Main man
Matt Sheahan
Production Assistant
Kaitlin Howard
Fight Co-Ordinator
Assistant Fight Co-ordinator/Fight Performer
Marco Rossi
Blood man
Oliver Price
Billyboy's Big Man (featured)
Kaitlin Howard
Fight Director
Assistant Fight Co-ordinator