Julius Caesar

  • 2011 117 minutes

    William Shakespeare’s epic tale of conspiracy, loyalty and betrayal.

    Rome is destroyed, their world has crumbled, but life must go on. Survival drives people in a broken world, where friendships get brutally ripped apart. Caesar leads in the only way he knows how and stands firm in the belief of his leadership – others have different ideas and that’s where this classic tale steps up and attacks. Referencing gang culture and questioning the very heart of loyalty and friendship, this film is hard-hitting.
    The world is Rome; the story is now; the brutality is soul-destroyingly real. In a dark world, where people are pushed beyond their limits, you find the rawest and darkest souls. Opinions are as divided as loyalties.
    Adapted for screen and directed by Adam Lee Hamilton & John Montegrande.

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Alternative Names

  • Julius Ceaser