Knock Knock

2004, 10 minutes

Scarlett and Elijah are an eccentric couple. Their story is told from the point of view of their front door, personified by a lions head doorknocker.

We begin by flashing back to Scarlett and Elijah's wedding, which takes place in their home. A few years later we discover Scarlett has given birth to a daughter named Myrtle, A few years on and we join the family on a summer afternoon as they plant the seed of a Willow tree. They are watched over by their front door, which goes on to tell of their superstitious nature. After this we discover the traumatic event which befell Myrtle when she was 8 years old. After a brief animated sequence depicting the passing of time, through the growing of a tree in the front garden. We catch up with Myrtle aged 16 and well over her trauma, as she welcomes her friends and admirers. Finally Scarlett and Elijah accompany Myrtle out of the house on her wedding day. Just before she leaves, Myrtle glances back at the lion's head doorknocker and gives a smile.

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