Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle

2010, 96 minutes

A Comedy 1000 Years in the Making

Theres trouble brewing in Downtown Coventry. Mobster, Ray Carlton has a dreamcasinos! Hes got dirt on the local Mayor, Derek Osbourne and he wants his pound of flesh. In return for not flushing him down the toilet, Carlton has the Mayor greasing the way for a super casino on the site of the park where Lady Godiva actually rode! The mayors American ex-wife Catherine is having none of it however, and with the help of a hippy ex-teacher and Rebel Without a Cause, Alan Jenkins the gloves are coming off. But they have not reckoned with the ambitions of Ray Carlton. Unbeknownst to them all, Ray has crossed the Atlantic to deal the worlds richest casino builders into the game. Far more powerful than even the Las Vegas Mob, Ray Carlton has hired Indians from the Oquassa Tribe of Wisconsin, to manage his new Sin City and nothing is going to stop him. Is there some giant, some hero from the past who can save Coventry in her hour of need? Or heroine maybe?

Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle

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