Lost Diagnosis

    • 2012 1 minutes

      A murder suspect has gone missing, three people must find him for their own reasons, but who will get there first?

      A murder suspect, Edward, has gone missing. Three people must find him. Each for their own reasons. Only one of them can get what they want. How far will they go in order to get it?

      That is the story of upcoming independent Drama/Thriller film, Lost Diagnosis. Set on the South Coast of England, a story of crime, of deceit, and of desperation. A police detective, John, with a dark past, who must protect his secret from his work, and his wife. A drug addict, Jim, forced to kill Edward, in exchange for a cleared debt. And the missing person's former lover, Fiona, a highly skilled private detective, who is convinced Edward is in danger, and she must find him to help him.

      But what makes this search so much more dangerous, is that there is more to Edward than they know.

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