Minion vs. Minion

2014, 4 minutes

Two rival gang of minions

*Disclaimer: This film was produced under for a non commercial competition involving Vue Cinemas and local schools. Neither the images or sounds of this video are the property of Futurist Film or Quick Off The Mark Productions. This is a fan film and not associated in any way with Illumination Entertainment or Universal Studios. Minion vs Minion is a short film written by a student of Aultmore Park Primary School in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Kieran Graham (11) won a competition run by Vue Cinemas and was produced by Futuristfilm in association with Quick off the Mark Productions in Glasgow. The competition was to create a story in six storyboards that reflected "Hollywood comes to Glasgow Fort". Kieran wrote the short storyboard, which was adapted into a short film by director Chris Quick and the team at Quick off the Mark Productions. The film was shot in 4k on a Red Epic supplied by Steve Johnson of Futuristfilm.

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Chris Quick
Editor (Final Cut Pro)