2013, 15 minutes

Noose is a satirical comedy about one man’s imaginative perspective on women and relationships, triggered by his own spirited love life with his girlfriend.

Victor, is a charming, laid back guy in his mid twenties who regularly bickers with his ambitious, yet caring girlfriend, Sasha. As a wedding planner, Sasha brings Victor along to a wedding reception she’s organised but instead he sees the opportunity to bring his booze-hungry friends. Another argument commences between the two before Sasha storms off. <P> The argument infuriates Victor and he begins to inflate stereotypes about women and their role in relationships. He gives his comical interpretations of situations familiar to him in far-fetched allegorical representations; this includes scenes of Adam and Eve as well as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. As Victor gets increasingly intoxicated by Sasha, as well as his drink, a hunk of a guy, Jamie, attempts to seduce Sasha. The envious Victor makes his way over to confront him but hopelessly passes out onto the floor in his drunken state, only to be humped by a small dog. Several weeks later, Victor has come to realise his flaws and tries his best to win Sasha over again. It appears like he does and all seems well until they find something else to bicker about! <P> And they fought happily ever after!

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