On The Other Foot

  • 2020 60 minutes

    Daughter dates man father doesn't agree with

    Billy Pitcher is an overprotective, overpowering dad who feels he's always right! Always pushing his point and his right-wing agenda. When his daughter starts dating a man who doesn't agree with any of his views, it tips him over the edge.

    As a young millennial woman, she is not fazed by her father's antics and eventually convinces him to attend an African church in order for him to at least try to understand and embrace her new partners culture. Unfortunately for him, he attends on the day of 'UMBADEHDEH', a spiritual day where dreams and nightmares can come true.

    What follows is a comedic and hilarious journey of gut-wrenching laughs as he finds out first hand what it's like to be Black in todays' society.

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