Platform One

2013, 10 minutes

A teenage, coming-of-age drama

A teenage, coming-of-age drama in which a seventeen year old boy, George, having experienced a particularly bad day, decides to leave home. At the train station he meets Lauren, a teenage girl who is also running - from much worse things. George learns from Lauren the true value of his family and his life, and in doing so, teaches a lesson to us all. The future is uncertain. You might die tomorrow. So make what you can of your life, your family, your friends, your education. Never forget the fortune of the living. Written and Directed by Ben Leggett Produced by Hannah Marshall Cast George - George Crompton Lauren - Lauren Poveda Mother - Sue Leggett Father - Peter Leggett Girlfriend - Emma Beard Friend/Bully - Rob Brown Brother - George Leggett Crew Sound Recordist - Jamie New Gaffers - Joel Stuart, Juan Hernando Quevedo Original Music - George Leggett

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