2014, 64 minutes

A top secret and highly lethal creature is out.

"POUNCE" is a horror/thriller film about a group of conspiracy theorists that are secretly watching a Top Secret military base in the desolate Welsh mountains. They are looking for experimental and highly classified test aircraft to report about in a magazine, when they suddenly discover a Top Secret and highly lethal creature (secretly discovered in the 1920's) which the military and Government are testing who's fur has the ability to turn invisible in moon light. The film follows their plight as they are hunted both by the creature (which the Army has nick named "The Silverhide" and the military who will stop at nothing to keep their classified specimen a secret...

Connected mandy members:

Lucy Clarvis
Kelly Wines
Nicholas Thompson
Special Effects Artist
David Foxley
Make-up Artist
creature and make up designer and fabricator, also special effects