Provisional figures / Provisional Figures

2020, 90 minutes

A love story that turns into a thriller

A love story that turns into a thriller set in the Portuguese community of Great Yarmouth. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, is the home of Tânia, a Portuguese woman who liaises between workers arriving from her homeland, and factories in the region. The arrival of Jorge deeply disturbs her existence – she falls in love for the first time in her life which will lead her to do the most unexpected things. In the meanwhile she finds out that Jorge didnt come to Great Yarmouth to work, but to look for his brother , who worked in the factorys but disapered without a trace. Production is originally Portugese.Our director is Marco Martins with starring cast Beatriz Batarda and Nuno Lopes the main actor in "White Lines" Netflix tv series.

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Dodgy teenager
Oliver Durnford
Joshua Decruz
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