Rainbow Corner

  • 2017 15 minutes

    Rose finds a job in a lindy hop bar and falls for an american soldier

    Seamlessly looking back into the 1940's from the loving eyes of a woman called Rose. Rainbow corner follows the story of a young 20 something who finds a job in a Lindy Hop bar.

    This swinging 40's tale follows the story of Rose Davies and how she found true love in an unexpected place in this film full of love and laughter. Rose moves to a new town where she finds herself a job at The Red Cross centre for American soldiers called Rainbow Corner. While there, she meets her friends Phyllis and Margie. One evening whilst dancing at the bar, she spots Harry Williams. They dance the night away and share a romantic kiss in the rain as he walks her home. With the promise to see each other the following night Rose goes to bed giddy and dreaming of the next day.

    What will happen to their love story? Will Harry come home safe?

    With your generous donations we can continue their story!

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    • Mermaidtale Productions

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