2017, 10 minutes

UK short film Rive straight after the BET UK Hip Hop Awards. Written by Baby Isako and bought to you by PurpleGeko

28 year old British-born solicitor Adrian is at the height of his career; he decides to make a life changing decision. Adrian is planning to propose to his long-term girlfriend Jennifer on her birthday. He enlists the help of his two best friends, the commitment phobic banker Marvin and the success driven politician Darren. They try to come up with proposal ideas. But before they do, the men recount memories of their shared experiences at university and swap stories about lessons learnt during their awkward teenage years. However, when Adrian bumps into his first love Sonia, they see it as a sign. Maybe he's not supposed to marry Jennifer, but a unexpected twists brings things to an abrupt end.

Connected mandy members:

Lily Faith Knight
Costume Designer
Production Designer
Rushil Choudhary
Camera Assistant
2nd AC
University Student
Muriel Narh
AD (3rd)
1st AD
Muhammad Danyaro
Visual Effects Artist
VFX Artist